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31 Mar

Sell bitcoins demonstration (Screen cast)

Sell bitcoins step by step

This is the main page
Screens Base

We select to Sell Bitcoins, the selling price is shown on the screen. The price is updated every X seconds (configured by the operator).
Screens - Sell 1

The quantity selector, it calculates the corresponding bitcoin price live.
Screens - Sell 2

The selected FIAT amount and its equivalent bitcoin price.
Screens - Sell 3

The freshly generated bitcoin address to make the payment to.
Screens - Sell 4

From the mobile device the QR is scanned. The QR already includes the price so the mobile user don’t has to write it.
Screens - Sell 5

The system detects that the transfer has been done and prints a “Redeem coupon”. If the transfer has not been done a coupon can be printed anyway and send the bitcoins later. The user is asked a PIN for safety (in the case that the coupon is recorded/lost).
Screens - Sell 6

The redeem coupon is printed
Screens - Sell 7

The seller click on “Redeem” button on the bottom right
Screens - Sell 8

The seller inserts the PIN
Screens - Sell 9

The blockchain is checked to find the necessary confirmations (default to 3 but configurable)
Screens - Sell 10

The transaction is confirmed and the ATM spawns the bank notes
Screens - Sell 11

Bank notes
Insert 20 EUR

28 Mar

BTCPoint partners with MBTC Corporation (Mundobitcoin)

BTCPoint and MBTC Corporation S.A. (a Costa Rica based venture) are proud to announce a comprehensive partnership: deployment of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide! The extensive network and the highly international team of Mundo Bitcoin ensures simultaneous deployment in key locations worldwide, but not only in the Western World. Mundo Bitcoin comes from Costa Rica, which is in the Global South. We understand the challenges of bringing Bitcoin in the Developing World.


Within two weeks, the first batch of Bitcoin ATMs will be available for deployment. We can deploy very large numbers of Bitcoin ATMs in a very short notice.

The ATMs are connected with our upcoming Bitcoin Exchange, Live Coins.

We shall open a number of Bitcoin ATMs in key locations worldwide during the next three months in partnership with our operators. We are seeking for new Bitcoin ATM operators worldwide.

BTCPoint atm

The Bitcoin ATM recognizes ID’s such as National ID’s and Passports and has a front-face camera, meeting AML&KYC standards in most markets. We are able to deploy the Bitcoin ATM specifically suited in the local regulatory environment.

The Bitcoin ATM makes it possible for the user to buy & sell Bitcoin instantly in their local currency, and spend the money directly in your store. The machine recognizes over 180 different types of bank notes. The Bitcoin is sent to your personal wallet, or alternatively it creates a paper wallet. The Bitcoin users can cash their Bitcoin immediately in real money, and spend it on location. The customers may also use Bitcoin in sending and receiving remittances.

Owning an ATM has a considerable commercial advantage among your competitors. Not only is the consumer base of Bitcoin users silently growing worldwide, but the users are increasingly mobile. Especially for a large retailer, a venue, or a tourism enterprise, the Bitcoin ATM provides a key advantage in reaching the most valuable customers.

Our Bitcoin ATMs provide the consumer convenience, and the ATM operator a comparatively good return on investment.

19 Mar

Bitcoin ATMs profitability and ROI comparison

Many operators and investors ask themselves how much profitable is to run a bitcoin ATM network.

Most of them end up making some statistics of average daily operations, ATM fees, fixed cost, variable cost of operation.

In this article we compare some ATM brands: Robocoin, Lamassu, BTCPoint and Paymaq and compare the Fees, ATM cost, Daily revenue, and ROI.

The following chart expresses when the operator is going to break even the ATM costs in days depending on the fee the operator set (Y axis days, X axis fee).
The fee depends on the machine since some providers have a fixed fee for the manufacturer and the price of the machine itself.

The chart has been done assuming a very conservative volume of 800€ transacted by day.

Bitcoin ATM profitability chart

Bitcoin ATM profitability chart

A detailed study can be found in the following PDF: BTC_ATM_profitability_study

For more details about the data based for this study contact us.

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